Dairy Essentials

The Dairy Essentials are four-page chapter summaries from the English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Chinese Technical Dairy Guides. The Dairy Essentials introduce the core topic areas of dairy management and form the basis of the technical information available on this web site

You may view the Dairy Essentials as HTML or download free PDFs. The collection of all the Dairy Essential topics are also available on CD for your convenience. Click here to order the CD. Or click here to purchase a print version of the Dairy Essentials.

Nutrition and Feeding

  1. Digestion in the Dairy Cow | PDF
  2. Composition and Analysis of Feeds | PDF
  3. Carbohydrate Metabolism in Dairy Cows | PDF
  4. Lipid Metabolism in Dairy Cows | PDF
  5. Protein Metabolism in Dairy Cows | PDF
  6. Feeds for Dairy Cows | PDF
  7. Concentrate Feeding Guide | PDF 

Reproduction and Genetic Selection

  1. The Reproductive Function of Dairy Cattle | PDF
  2. Heat Detection, Natural Service and Artificial Insemination | PDF
  3. Pregnancy and Calving | PDF
  4. Reproduction and Nutrition | PDF
  5. Body Condition Scores | PDF
  6. Managing Reproductive Efficiency | PDF
  7. Basic Genetic Concepts | PDF
  8. Principles of Selection | PDF
  9. Predicted Transmitting Ability and Reliability | PDF
  10. Selection Goals | PDF
  11. Choosing a Bull | PDF 

Lactation and Milking

  1. Milk Composition and Nutritional Value | PDF
  2. Milk Secretion in the Udder of a Dairy Cow | PDF
  3. Principles of Milking | PDF
  4. The Milking Machine | PDF
  5. Mastitis: The Disease and its Transmission | PDF
  6. Mastitis: Prevention and Detection | PDF
  7. Milking Procedure | PDF 

Raising Dairy Heifers

  1. Factors Affecting Size & Productivity of Dairy Replacement Herd | PDF 

Birth to Weaning

  1. Overview of Sound Management Practices | PDF
  2. Importance of Colostrum Feeding | PDF
  3. Feeding Milk and Milk Replacers | PDF
  4. Feeding Hay, Concentrates and Water | PDF
  5. Neonatal Diarrhea | PDF
  6. Pneumonia | PDF 

Weaning to Calving

  1. Feeding and Housing | PDF
  2. Growth Rate | PDF
  3. Measuring Growth | PDF 


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