Artificial Insemination Techniques for Dairy Cattle - Spanish and English


Paul Fricke, Denise Brusveen, Jerry Guenther , 2007

This CD is a good first step in learning the basics of the insemination process.The CD discusses proper storage and use of equipment, proper technique when handling semen and the nitrogen tank, and proper use of the insemination gun. Artificial insemination takes time to master and will only come with practice, but this CD will give you the knowledge necessary to begin mastering AI techniques. Includes Flash and PDF files, for Mac and PC.
Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Equipment Toolbox
  3. Basics of the Nitrogen Tank
  4. Semen Handling
  5. Proper Semen Thawing
  6. Loading the Insemination Gun
  7. Overview of the Reproduction Tract
  8. The Insemination Process
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