Babcock Hosts Brazilian Dairy Representative

A Brazilian dairy representative visited the Babcock Institute for a three-day program April 2-4 to gather information about the Wisconsin dairy industry and discuss potential collaborations with his biotechnology organization.

André Oliveira, product and applications manager at Verus Madasa Biotechnology, met with Babcock Institute Director Karen Nielsen, Department of Food Science Professor and Department Chairperson Scott Rankin, and Babcock Hall Dairy Plant Laboratory Manager Bill Klein upon arrival to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Following Nielsen's presentation on the Babcock Institute and a meeting with Rankin, Klein gave Oliveira a tour of the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant. The Brazilian visitor and Nielsen capped the day with a tour of Fromagination, an artisan cheese shop in Madison, courtesy of owner Ken Monteleone.

Oliveira, who said Madasa works primarily with dairy processing, was looking to obtain further knowledge on necessary systems and processes to improve milk quality.

Oliveira received that opportunity on the second day of the program, when he, Senior Agriculture Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Norm Monsen and Nielsen traveled to Deerfield, Wis., for a tour by George Bamman of International Machinery Exchange, a leader in dairy and food machinery equipment.

The three then joined Cathy Arndt and Cesar Luis for a tour at Sassy Cow Creamery, a farmstead dairy in Columbus, Wis., that specializes in direct local retail marketing of high-quality milk and ice cream.

Their final stop of the day was Dairy Connection Inc., a Madison-based company that sells dairy products nationwide, including cultures, coagulants and other ingredients necessary to produce cheese and milks.

Oliveira spent the final day of his program with Enrique Gandara, international economic development consultant at DATCP, and Daniela Branco of the Brazilian Business Outraech LLC, touring Boumatic, a milking equipment company in Madison, Sugar River Dairy in Albany, Wis., and Roth Kase USA Ltd. in Monroe, Wis.

The Babcock Institute was thrilled to host Oliveira and looks forward to potential training program opportunities with Madasa in the future!

Tue, 2013-04-02 - Thu, 2013-04-04
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